Modern medicine is a commodity to purchase. But the traditional Indian medicine treat health as a way of life. Indian traditional health care system depends mainly on herbal compounds and special diets. It is one of the world’s oldest medical systems. The evolution of medical knowledge in ancient India happened some 5000 years ago. Indian Traditional Medicine is a holistic science of medicine, practiced through centuries. It is receiving global momentum as an effective alternative to the modern medicine by virtue of its systematic approach to cure and prevent ailments using natural resources. Developed countries like US, Germany, UK, Israel etc., are giving highest priority for the research on Ayurveda.

The great scholar of all times and doyen of Indian medicine - Charaka described a large number of plants and herbs, which were used in medicine. The hymns of Adharvana Veda portray many herb’s medicinal values and their method of use in treatment of diseases. Medicine was a regular subject of study in Takshasila University during Mourya Empire thousands of years ago.

The great Indian Sages who dedicated their entire life for penance in Himalayas contributed their wisdom for the evolution of herbal treatments to the minutest detail. They have created a treasure trove of literature. They have documented the medicinal value of specific part of each herb (seed, leaf, flower, stem, fruit, root etc) and the scientific drug preparation process to obtain maximum benefit out of it.

Naturalle Herbal Remedies Pvt Ltd had taken inspiration from this rich heritage of Indian Medicine to find appropriate solution for the challenges faced by the shrimp farmers. As the promoters of the company are pioneers of Shrimp Farming and Shrimp Feed manufacturing in India, with more than 30 years experience, the company understands the disease problems better than anybody. With its vast knowledge about the farming, the company documented the disease conditions in detail.

  • Documentation of disease problems encountered by vannamei shrimp farmers.
  • Identification of serious diseases that are damaging shrimp farms
  • Classification of diseases considering mass mortalities, slow growth, curable diseases, incurable diseases etc
  • List of bacterium species that are causing these diseases
  • Documentation of Pond conditions, water parameters, feed quality, environmental influences and culture practices
  • Setting up of Laboratory facility
  • Qualified manpower
  • Collection and analysis of pond water samples from different geographies
  • Collection of healthy & diseased shrimp of different ages & sizes
  • Focus on Vibrio bacteria species like V harveyi and V parahaemolyticus as these pathogens are considered as immediate threat for farms due to White Gut, White Fecal Strings and Early Mortality Syndrome diseases.
  • General research on other bacteria species like Aeromonas hydrophila, Aeromonas salmonicida, Pseudomonas fluorescens, Renibacterium salmonarum, e coli etc
  • Testing the effectiveness of different herbal extracts at different combinations and at different doses on these bacterium
  • Testing the combination of herbal extracts for synergistic action on pathogens
  • Healthy shrimps are introduced in 200 liters capacity fiber glass tanks and reared for 15 days
  • Commercially available feed were used to feed them for 15 days
  • After fifteen days, disease infected shrimps are introduced in those tanks.
  • Herbal formulated feed was given to testing tanks with infected shrimp and ordinary commercial feed was given for control tanks with similar infected shrimps.
  • Disease spread, immunity level, growth pattern, feeding pattern and mortalities were monitored closely
  • In testing tanks where Herbal feed was given, bacterial diseases disappeared within 5 days of feeding. The survival was recorded at 80%
  • In control tanks where commercial feed was given, shrimp mortality was seen from day one and within 7 days total mortality was recorded
  • This trial was conducted continuously for 3 times on similar conditions and the result is akin.
  • After ascertaining the results of herbal formulation feed performance, feed pellets were produced in a shrimp feed mill
  • About 10 nos one hectare ponds are selected in different areas that are stocked at 30 to 60 shrimp per square meterIn 5 farms, Herbal feed was given for one meal per day continuously for 30 days as a prophylactic dose
  • In 5 farms, Herbal feed was given in all four meals of the day as therapeutic dose
  • Weekly growth, health, swimming behavior etc was recorded meticulously
  • In both trials results are encouraging and disease eradication achieved in both prophylactic and therapeutic doses.
  • Field trials were conducted in about 100 farms for 3 weeks continuously for prevention of white gut, white fecal syndrome and early mortality syndrome diseases
  • Field trials were also conducted in about 70 farms where these diseases already exist and limited mortalities are also seen.
  • Results in both places are positive and farmers are happy as the disease control is achieved without any extra expenditure.
  • After analyzing the results intensively and arrived at successful conclusions naturalle herbal prawn feed is launched in the market for the benefit of farmers to prevent / cure diseases in their farms.
The research took us more than three years to establish that Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is an effective product to prevent and cure white gut, white fecal syndrome and early mortality syndrome diseases.

The research is further continued to advance with much better results in future.