Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feeds is a product of intensive research with unique combination of nutrients and medicinal herbs to prevent and cure bacterial diseases afflicting Vannamei Shrimp in a natural way. It contains no chemicals, no antibiotics and no harmful synthetic substances. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feeds is used both for prevention and cure of bacterial diseases of Vannamei Shrimp. It has very high success rate in effectively controlling and curing White Gut, White Fecal and EMS diseases.

Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is available in five sizes. Starter 1 and Starter 2 are crumbles. Size 3, 3P and 4 are pellets. The sizes are to International standards, suitable to the age of the shrimp. Most modern pellet mill is used to produce the feed.


  • Controls and Cures White Gut & White Fecal diseases in Shrimp
  • Boosts immunity to resist infections
  • Improves Shrimp Health
  • Triggers Faster Growth
  • Reduces crop duration
  • Lesser Feed Conversion Ratio (FCR)
  • Early harvest with desired count
  • Eliminates use of chemicals, probiotics, enzymes or medicines
  • Helps the shrimp with stunted growth to regain its growth cycle swiftly, even in high salinities.

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Whenever You Face Challenge... Think Naturalle

The biggest challenge for successful shrimp farming is disease control. To effectively face the challenge of disease control, Naturalle Herbal Remedies Pvt Ltd had conducted extensive research on Bio-security methods involving prevention, control, and eradication of diseases in Shrimp farming for more than three years. As the use of anti biotic, synthetic or chemical substances are prohibited in food stuff, we have adopted the Herbal Therapy for our research. We have taken best possessions out of treasure trove of our great saint’s herbal healing wisdom and selected appropriate herbs and their dose to prevent, treat and cure the diseases of Shrimp. In addition to Lab tests, we have conducted hundreds of field trials in many places in the states of Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamilnadu and Gujarat.

In all most all field trials, Vannamei shrimp farms are successful in preventing and cure bacterial diseases like White Gut, White Fecal Strings, Loose Shell, Acute Hepato-pancreatic Necrosis Disease (Early Mortality Syndrome). We could able to achieve more than 99% success in field trials. Due to the natural power of medicinal herbs, shrimps are gaining tremendous immune stimulation and able to resist the entry of disease causing pathogens in to their gastrointestinal tract. They are living healthy for the entire duration of crop.

Our concept is to inject the medicine directly in to the intestine of shrimp through feed. The shrimp digest the medicinal substances along with nutrients and improves its immunity naturally. Farmer should simply give “Naturelle Herbal Feed” in one meal of the day, preferably the morning or first feed of the day. It will give essential nutrients and medicine at the same time. As this is a perfect pellet feed containing powerful medicinal substances of nature, farmer need not spend extra money for the medicines or chemicals separately. He can save expenditure on medicine and gain peace of mind in the operation of farm.



"Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed" helped me to overcome the stunted growth problem in my farm. After using the feed, shrimp in our farm regained its growth cycle quickly even in high salinity.

--Arun, Gudur


"Naturalle Herbal Feed"has saved me from loss to the crop due to white Gut and white fecal disease. The disease was controlled like a miracle within one week of starting Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed.

--Ramakrishna, Nellore
Farm Owner


I used "Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feeds" as one meal every day from the day one of stocking and could harvest the crop without incidence of White Gut infection throughout the culture period.

--Vikram, Bhimavaram


"Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed" was used in our farm from the day one of stocking. The growth was fast and we could harvest the crop early with desired count. FCR also turned out to be very less.

--Hari, Ongole