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Phyto Chemical Therapeutics

Preventing Aquaculture Diseases


Fastest growing Food sector >55% Of world’s shrimp Produced in farms


Total Value Of Global Shrimp Market $ 62 B


Diseases Caused Losses of $ 12 B Every Year Worldwide


Disease Prevention Identified As #1 Challenge Of Aquaculture Industry

Diseases can Wipe out an Shrimp pond Within a Week

No effective Method to Prevent diseases In shrimp farm

Antibiotic drugs Are prohibited For use in Aquaculture

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About us

Our Vision

Devastating diseases like EHP, EMS and RMS are causing enormous economic loss to shrimp industry. Livelihood of millions of farmers is in peril. In addition, indiscriminate use of antibiotics in aquaculture provokes the emergence of anti microbial resistant (AMR) zoonotic pathogens. Contamination of food is a serious health threat to humanity.

Naturalle took up these challenges and developed effective, scientific evidence based Polyphenol combination products to prevent and treat diseases along with eliminating the use of antibiotics in aquaculture systems.

Our Solution

Polyphenol Combination Phytogenics

Our endeavor to offer perfect solutions to aquaculture growers was corroborated by reputed scientific research institutes.

The only one scientifically established method of treatment for devastating EHP and Vibrio infections of shrimp today.

Successful results of number of in vitro and in vivo studies conducted by reputed research institutes scientifically validated our products as an effective solution to shrimp disease problems.

NATURALLE Product “RESURGE” completely eliminates EHP spores in post larvae shrimp in hatcheries and “LEAP” totally inhibits causative agents of EMS and RMS – V. harveyi and V. parahaemolyticus in shrimp farms.

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