Frequently Asked Questions

1What are bacteria?
Bacteria are tiny organisms not visible to the human eye. Billions of bacteria live in on bodies of animals, plants, humans at all times. Most bacteria are helpful to us; some are harmful and cause infections.
2What are antibiotics?
Antibiotics are drugs that attack bacterial germs. They are powerful substances which can kill or disable disease causing bacteria.
3Why we should not use antibiotics in shrimp farms?
The use of antibiotics in aquaculture may cause development of antibiotic resistance among pathogens infecting cultured animals and humans. Many antimicrobial that have been found in farmed shrimp have the potential to cause illness in humans. Importing shrimp into the U.S. containing any adulterating chemical or antimicrobial is illegal. Those shipments are not allowed to enter in to US markets.
4What are the alternatives for antibiotics?
Numerous alternatives to antibiotics are already being tested by researchers around the world. Herbal medicines are the best of them. Herbal substances have been used as natural antibiotics to treat illness and disease for centuries. Herbal medicine is still used by 80% of the world population as their primary health care. Unlike pharmaceutical medicines, herbal medicines are complex biological creatures that have evolved slowly over time and contain hundreds, if not thousands, of active compounds that all work together synergistic-ally. Due to their very complex nature,medicinal herbs almost never work in one single way (e.g. by killing bacteria);rather they work to cleanse the blood, strengthen the immune system, tone the mucous membranes and improve the function of particular organ systems.These alternatives can strengthen shrimp immune system naturally, protect natural ‘friendly bacteria’, and fight infection without antibiotics.
5Are all herbal substancessafe and effective?
Herbal remedies made from plant leaves, seeds, bark, berries, flowers, and roots have been used to heal illnesses, diseases, and health disorders for centuries. They are all natural. Natural always means safe. About 25 percent of the drugs prescribed worldwide are derived from plants. Of the 252 drugs in the World Health Organization’s essential medicine list, 11 percent are exclusively of plant origin. One doesn’t need any further proof for understanding effectiveness of herbal medicines than this.
6Should I check with my technician or farm consultant before using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed?
Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is a scientifically formulated, intensively researched, practically field trial conducted product. It is safe and 100% effective in preventing or treating bacterial infections. However, there is nothing wrong in consulting farm technician before using a new product in the farm. Please study the details of the Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed through our website, e-broucher, testimonials and case studies and appraise your technical consultant in detail.
7What is white gut and white fecal disease in shrimp farm?
The digestive system of shrimp is the main entry port for protozoan, bacterial and viral infections. Increasing prevalence of vermiform, gregarine like bodies within the shrimp hepatopancreas and mid gut causes the disease, accompanying Acute Hepatoprancreatic Necrosis (AHPND) disease. High quantity of these bodies result in white fecal strings and that phenomenon called as white feces syndrome.
8How can I recognize that my farm is infected with white gut or white fecal disease?
When White Fecal disease infection occurred in shrimp farm, floating fecal strings are seen on the surface of pond water and especially in check trays. White to yellow golden contents are filled in midgut junction and midgut. When the contents of the gut or fecal strings are examined, they consist of masses of vermiform bodies superficially resembled gregarines. The infected shrimp guts are empty, as usually they stop taking feed. White or yellow gold colour line can be seen on the back of shrimp during initial stages of infection.
9Is white gut disease a loss to the crop?
Yes, white gut or white fecal diseases cause enormous loss to the crop. Initially, for first few days there won’t be much effect. But once it spreads to the whole pond, mortality starts slowly. Within one or two weeks you can see large number of shrimps dying. In addition, when the disease attacks, shrimps stop eating. You can see empty guts. As they don’t take feed, they are more susceptible for secondary infections also. Finally Loose Shell Syndrome spreads and shrimps become weak and mass mortalities happen. Hence white gut and white fecaldisease should be taken seriously, else crop loss is inevitable. Prevention is best method to avoid the crop loss. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed will effectively prevent these diseases. Even if the infection started in the pond, Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed will treat the disease. Chances of eradicating the disease with Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is more than 95%.
10Are white gut and white fecal diseases same?
No. There is distinctive difference between them. White gut disease caused by V. harveyi species bacteria, while White fecal disease is caused by V. Parahaemolyticus species bacteria. White gut is caused by the necrosis of epithelial mucosa and resembles the haemocytic enteritis. White fecal matter is caused because of the damage to the hepatopancreas and sloughing of hepatocytes. The fecal strings are formed from the dead hepatocytes. A fecal string with undigested feed particles is a different problem.
11What is white muscle disease?
White muscle disease in shrimp occurs mostly in the shrimp tail. Whitish substance can be found in tail. Then whitish substance spreads rapidly through middle of the back. Infected shrimp begin to appear the complete muscle necrosis. The shrimp will die after 3 – 5 days. Mineral deficiency in water and poor quality of feed are probable causes of the disease. Mortalities range from 30% to 100%.
12Will Naturalle Herbal Feed prevent these two diseases?
Yes; almost 95% or more positive results can be obtained both in prevention and cure by using the Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed in appropriate dose and in appropriate time.
13What is appropriate time?
If you want to prevent the disease, you should start using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Freed from the day one of stocking seed in farm. Usage should be continued until harvest. For prevention of diseases Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed should be given only one time per day, preferably early morning meal. Normal feed shall be given for other three or four meals as usual. If the farm is infected with the disease, Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed should be given in all four meals totally avoiding normal feed for 5 to 7 seven days continuously. Then after, one feeding shall be given until the harvest.
14What if the disease already exists in the farm?
If the white gut or White Fecal disease is in its initial stages, you should immediately start using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed in all four meals of the day for 5 to 7 days continuously. It is like dosage of antibiotic drug doctors prescribe for us for bacterial infections. Here we are using natural antibiotic medicine instead. After 7 days , daily one meal of Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed shall be continued until the harvest.
15In how many days can we see the result?
If you are using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed as preventive from the day of stocking, you will see the result in health, feeding pattern and growth every week when you do sampling or observe the same through check nets. If you start using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed after disease infection started, you will see the result by way of complete cure of infection within seven days. In most of the instances the effect of Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is observed within 3 days, by way of increase of feeding and improvement ofhepatopancreas.
16Is the feed beneficial only for white gut or white fecal disease control?
No. Naturalle Herbal Feed is one feed with many benefits. As the feed contain powerful medicinal herbal mix that can protect the vital organs of the shrimp like kidney, liver, gastric intestine etc., the animal will get complete immunity from all kinds of infections. It obtains complete health. Hence use of Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed helps the shrimp to get faster growth also. It also helps in clearing the hepatopancreas. Gills will also be clearedfrom debris or fungus deposits. Hence Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed helps the shrimp in preventing bacterial infections like red disease, gill diseases, and hepatopancreasis infection in addition to faster growth. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is very effective in arresting running mortality syndrome (Early Mortality Syndrome) disease also
17Is the feed helpful in preventing white spot viral disease?
Absolutely not. We cannot expect that benefit. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is specially made for eradication of bacterial infection. All kinds of pathogenic bacteria species, especially v. Harveyi and V. Parahaemolyticus are dealt with. But there is a possibility of preventing viral infections like white spot also, because Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed eradicates pathogenic bacteria inside the body of shrimp. As virus use bacteria as a host, virus may not find enough opportunity to enter in to shrimp body. Moreover immunity of shrimp is very high. Hence, in an indirect way, white spot virus virulence may be controlled. But we are not giving any guarantee for white spot syndrome prevention. If that happens, it is a bonus.
18Do I need any other medication or pro-biotic use to control diseases?
As long as you are using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed in your farm, there is no need of any other medicines or pro-biotic use. Any type of chemicals, hormones or organic acid like substances are also not required. Naturally Herbal Prawn Feed will take care of health needs of shrimp fully and effectively. You can save enormous amount of money on medications and chemicals.
19Will this herbal feed be effective in higher salinity?
Yes, it is. We have conducted field trials in different geographies and in different salinities. From 0 to 40 ppt salinity ponds are tested. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed effect is same in all kinds of salinities. In higher salinities like 40 ppt we have observed that stunted growth problem is also solved with Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed. In one pond in Nellore district, one farmer was suffering with stunted growth. Even after 80 days of culture his prawnswere 200 count size. He used Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed for 7 days and the shrimp got a growth jump to 120 count. He continued the feed and by next week his animals had grown to 80 count. This kind of beneficial results in stunted growth farms are experienced in many high salinity farms during hot summer season, with more than 47 degrees Celsius air temperature.
20Will this feed help in growth also?
Yes, certainly. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed contains all necessary nutrients like protein, fibre, fat, and energy calories just like all other premium branded feeds. Herbal combination mix is an addition to the usual nutrients. Growth of shrimp in Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed fed farms are faster than usual, as the animal is always healthy devoid of all kinds of health related stress. As the animal is stress free, obviously the feeding pattern and growth are better. This was observed in hundreds of farms at the time field trials and many farmers using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed are benefitting with faster growth and reduced crop duration. As the crop duration is less, FCR is also less.
21Is the feed worth value for money, because of its high cost?
Yes it is. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed cost is 30% more than normal feeds. But its performance is more than its additional cost, if you compare with the net gain due to faster growth, disease free farming, savings on the cost of medicines, chemicals or pro-biotic. We have conducted intensive research for 3 years to find an appropriate medicine for total eradication of bacterial infections. Enormous investment was made for this. In addition, precious and rare herbal ingredients are included in the feed. They are sourced from Himalayan heights to Neelagiri Hills. In addition, expensive solvent extraction process was used to get active ingredient from the herbs. It all costs money. Hence Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is little more costly than the normal feeds. But it gives guaranteed health to shrimp, prevent diseases that causes loss to crop, it also gives faster growth resulting in reduction of crop duration and lesser FCR.
22What is your Herbal Supplement manufacturing process?
Our herbal supplements are manufactured using most modern method of extraction to ensure our supplements are made with their ingredients that remain as close to their natural structure as possible. We use only water for extractions. We don’t use solvents like ethanol, hexane etc. Hence there won’t be any residual in the herbal extract. Whole plant parts like seed, leaves, root, flower are extracted to maintain herb’s active ingredients for therapeutic effect in stable form. Plants or its parts are harvested or wild crafted keeping the extract as close to the original plant as far as possible.
23Does the feed contain all the vitamins/minerals that are essential for shrimp growth?
Yes. The essential vitamins / minerals are included in the formulation of feed. Shrimp will get all of its nutrient needs with Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed, just like any other branded premium feeds.
24Do the regulations accept herbal medicine in shrimp feed?
Yes. All the herbal substances are treated as dietary additives. Almost all countries in the world permit the herbal dietary additives in animal and aquatic feeds. They are just like food we eat. They doesn’t contain any antibiotics, chemicals, steroids, synthetic substances and 100% pure natural ingredients. Though these herbs have medicinal values, they are not considered as drugs that require regulatory permissions.
25Are there any negative side effects?
The historical record and modern research indicate that the herbs most often used for health care have an exceptional safety record. There won’t be any kind of side effect on the health of shrimp by using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed. All that we get is complete health and immunity.
26What that if I don’t notice any betterment in health of shrimp?
If you don’t notice any improvement in the health of shrimp or disease cure after 7 days of feeding Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed, it’s quite likely that the problem is something else, other than bacterial infection. As it is mentioned clearly, Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is not useful either for prevention or treatment of viral infections like white spot syndrome. If the problem is bacterial infection, still you are not able to get it cured, please contact our research team to get guidance.
27What are the sizes of pellets?
Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is available in five sizes. Starter 1 and Starter 2 are crumbles. 3, 3P and 4 are pellets. The sizes of pellets are in international standard, suitable to the age of the shrimp. The water stability of pellet is minimum 90 minutes. Most modern pellet mill is used to produce the feed. Onsite lab facilities are available for quality check of each batch of production.
28What about quality?
Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is produced and under highest standards of quality. It is certified for quality and food safety.
29What is the shelf life of feed?
Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed can be used upto 120 days from the date of manufacture. The farmer should take care in storage of feed in a dry place and protect it from rain and rats.
30What kind of packaging is used?
Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is packed in 20 kg laminated polythene bag.
31Does the manufacturing facility maintain hygiene?
World class quality and hygiene protocols are followed during the process and production of Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed. All kinds of food safety measures are meticulously followed.
32Will it have effect on water quality of pond?
Absolutely there won’t be any influence on the pond water parameters. Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed is a perfect and scientifically produced shrimp feed. There will not be any ingredient leaching in to the water from the feed pellet. We are maintaining highest water stability of the pellet. Hence the water quality is not affected due to feed.