Directions to Use

Directions to Use the Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed

Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed shall be used both for prevention and cure of the diseases.

For preventing diseases:

Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed should be given as one meal per day, by skipping the regular feed for that ration for the entire crop duration from day one of stocking. Dosage is same as the regular feed. Farmers can use the regular feed for rest of three or four rations which they are using. By using Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed, farmers can avoid all kinds of medicines, chemicals, hormones, vitamins totally and save enormous money. The herbs of the feed eradicate disease causing bacteria from the gastrointestinal tract, which is the digestive organ of the shrimp and provide immune stimulation to resist further infections naturally.

For curing the disease:

If shrimps are already infected and suffering due to bacterial diseases, Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed should be given all four meals of the day for 5 to 7 days continuously. This will cure the disease and shrimps will gain health again.

As this feed contains all essential nutrients like Protein, Fat etc, shrimps are benefited by way of being fed both prophylactic medicine and nutrients at the same time. As the animal is always healthy because of natural immunity and disease prevention, growth will be better by using one meal of Naturalle Herbal Feed. There is no extra expenditure on medicines or extra labor for chemical spraying. it gives health to shrimp and wealth to farmer.

When it should not be used:

If the disease is virulent throughout the pond and shrimp stopped consuming feed it is not advisable to use Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed for therapeutic treatment. As the shrimp in the pond cannot consume food, even Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed will not be consumed. Hence the results cannot be expected.

It is advisable to start feeding of Naturalle Herbal Prawn Feed from the initial stage of disease, the day we notice floating of fecal matter in the water or check tray. At that stage the disease can be controlled and cured.