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Antibiotic & Chemical over use is the greatest food safety threat aquaculture industry is facing. We are innovating alternatives that have a good natured impact on the environment and generate economic profit to achieve the goal of sustainable aquaculture.


Effective and scientific evidence based phytogenic feed additives are our products. Each product is designed to meet the specific requisite of shrimp or fish health needs.

Search and Research

To find appropriate solution to the problem of antibiotic residues in aquaculture and consequent food safety effects, intensive research is made. Mammoth efforts are being deployed to integrate the ancient Indian healing wisdom with modern medical science.


Our endeavor to offer perfect solutions to aquaculture growers was corroborated by reputed scientific research institutes. First ever plant based product that performs equivalent to modern antibiotic was produced. Thousands of shrimp growers are benefiting with its performance on vibrio infection syndromes like RMS and EMS. We are also successful in developing few other solutions like elimination of parasites and modulating immunity for fast growth, all with 100% natural substances. Our goal of accomplishment of reducing contaminants in sea food is achieved.

Diagnosis app

We are deploying an AI based disease diagnosis support system through an app and build massive network of live stock growers across the globe. The app uses the image processing technology to diagnose animal diseases instantly and the suggest health keeping measures to be taken. Early detection of infections helps the animal grower to protect his live stock and reap good profits.