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Aquaculture is one of the fastest growing food production sectors. But outbreaks of diseases have serious impact on sustainability. With the annual loss from diseases crossing 20% of revenues, there is an acute need for development of innovative technologies to prevent and treat shrimp diseases.


Naturalle is developing biotechnology based Polyphenol formulations to be administered orally as feed additives. The long and deep study of polyphenols established that they are able to suppress number of microbial virulence factors. Overwhelming evidence is available to trust polyphenols as safe, viable and reliable alternatives to synthetic chemical compounds.


Polyphenols are secondary metabolites of plants. These molecules are very good antioxidants and antimicrobials. They inhibit pro-inflammatory transcription factors by interacting with proteins involved in gene expression and cell signaling, leading to protective effects against inflammation-mediated chronic diseases. “naturalle” utilizes Polyphenols as a means to maintain the health of shrimp and improve their ability to cope with parasite, fungal and bacterial diseases.


Super critical fluid extraction technology is deployed for better extraction of Polyphenols. Advanced techniques are applied for isolation, purification, filtration, concentration, and drying. High performance liquid chromatography analysis is adopted to separate, detect and quantitate different metabolites within various formulations.


  • Developed an extraction process to obtain super concentration of phytochemicals for effective therapeutic performance
  • Successfully produced an effective solution to eliminate devastating EHP pathogen in shrimp hatcheries and farms.
  • Developed plant derived drug that is performing on par with modern antibiotics for bacterial infection treatment.
  • Designed a digital mobile app to diagnose shrimp and fish diseases instantly.
  • Two PhD degrees were awarded to two scholars by an esteemed university for their research on our product formulations.

    Naturalle has overcome many challenges to convince scientific community that plant derived therapeutics can effectively replace antibiotics in animal use, without affecting animal performance.

  • Development of scientific evidence base for Polyphenol formulations
  • Therapeutic performance with orally administered phytogenics
  • Withstands barriers in the aquatic environment to ensure effective delivery of medicine
  • Heat resistant protection to Polyphenols stability during feed manufacturing process

    Naturalle had produced three premium products. All are getting overwhelming market response.

  • First ever in the world, guaranteed EHP eradication in shrimp both at hatcheries and farms
  • Assured treatment for AHPND (Early mortality syndrome or Running mortality syndrome)
  • Modulating immune response in shrimp to resist infections. Robust health promotes faster growth.

    With the knowledge gained and inputs generated through six years of extensive research, “naturalle” is contemplating more products to meet the specific needs of Fish and Pet animals.

  • A product for Fish parasite is in development process. No effective method is available to control “Argulus” fish lice in the world. Advanced technology of nanobubble is being investigated for loading of Polyphenols in to nano particles.